Fun ruining comments

Isn’t is possible for someone or admin to keep the comment section in ongoing contest’s problems clean from people complaining about TLE and WA, knowing no one will write the ans in the comment plus people giving away the logic that the user is supposed to find on his/her own.

It hurts :stuck_out_tongue:

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I agree with you.

It’s specially annoying that users do even worse: they get AC with say, time = 1.87s, when time limit is 1s (obviously, these users never read the FAQ, possibly never will read it) and they come to complain and say:

“My code is accepted with time 1.87, but time limit is 1s, why dont I have TLE…”

These sort of comments besides, WA and TLE ones are annoying and sadly the problem setters+admins can’t delete all of them in proper time…

About giving away hints or logic, well, if the comment is too explicit, like:

“Use recursion formula = some magic formula related to problem

obviously, they should be banned as soon as they are spotted…

On the other hand, comments like:

“Look carefully at constrains and TL…”

“Think outside the box”

can actually be seen as a motivator for people to attempt the problem, while I agree they are annoying as well :stuck_out_tongue:



nice answer XD

@yashkumar18, I couldn’t agree more… My advice to you is avoid reading the comments before solving a problem unless is completely necessary… If you think there is something wrong with the problem statement think 10 times and make sure you REALLY CAN’T UNDERSTAND THE PROBLEM STATEMENT before complaining or going to the comment section because there is a large probability to find spoilers (mostly new users that don’t know the guidelines)… I doubt the problem setters, testers and even admins have time to keep an eye on bad comments… @kuruma I agree with most of what you said except the banning part, as I mentioned earlier there are new users every month that don’t realize what they’re doing…

Yes, I can understand that… But the thing is, that, as soon as someone registers on a website, the first thing they should do is read the FAQ/Code of Conduct, to see how things work… It’s a win-win situation: They get familiarized with the platform faster and then they don’t force admins to constantly be on alert for such comments… It’s just common sense for me… Even if there are doubts after reading FAQ, then solving pratice problems and reading comments there should be more than enough to clear them out… Clearly, nobody does this.

agreeing on the FAQ/Guidelines/CodeOfConduct should be mandatory to be allowed to attend to contests. with a checkbox button or something, like the terms of license for a piece of software. no agreement => no contest AND no comment on contest pages. :slight_smile:


However, I doubt people would actually read it… Maybe pinning an informative post on the main forum page with all the relevant info would be better or more effective… I mean, reading the FAQ shouldn’t even be told to do. It should be natural to do so… But, I guess people won’t change for a while… Maybe even a warning/threat like: if you post 3/4 pointless comments on a contest you are not allowed to attend next month’s contest or so…

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