Fully solved problems showing "partially-solved"?

Hi! I am back to competitive and to CC after almost 3 years and a LOT has changed and feels good to be back! :slight_smile:
Just to regain the hang of coding I decided to not participate but to solve the Div2 problems which are given as practice in Div1.

I attempted all 3 and was able to solve completely(full score, all cases passing). However, on the contest homepage, it keeps indicating those as partially-solved with a yellow tick. They also appear under “Partially Solved” section on my account page :frowning:
One of the 2 pages is wrong - contest or my submissions and the account seems to be pulling info from that page!

alt text

Am I missing something here?

This is known issue. And they are working on it. Even my profile shows the same.

Ref - https://discuss.codechef.com/questions/124513/regarding-the-new-rating-division-system/125860

Oh! Thanks :slight_smile: