FROGV enquiry

Hi all, i am a newbie. i am trying hard to solve FROGV and i dont know any algorithm except some dp and graph theory.( that too only little). i just want to know, if FROGV is ad-hoc or some special algorithm is required.

Check tutorial, after the contest is over. Till than, figure out by yourself.

Hint: You can solve this problem by more than one logic.

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If your logic is giving TLE , then change the logic. There are 3 logics(that I know) to solve this problem. Think smart. :slight_smile:

And you don’t need to know any complex algorithm’s for that.


Thanks for the hint :slight_smile:

3 logics! i ll definitely look when the editorial comes. till then, i will try. thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

The problem can be solved by using a standard algorithms as well as simple logic with less complexity.
If you are getting Wrong Answer then change your logic and If you are getting TLE use faster input-output methods :).

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