hey was tried solving but “WA” comes up…plz find the bug.or provide any test cases where my code fails…
my solution

First of all I would say your implementation is very messy and it remainded me of my early days of programming :stuck_out_tongue:
Mistake in your code is that you are not updating lf and rf in query , correct it and it’ll be accepted

// You have missed the updates of lf and rf of tree1[node] here

//	printf("mama  %d  %d\n",node,tree1[node].mf);
	return node;
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now the TLE comes up…:frowning:
yeah quite new to it…thats why messy…:slight_smile:
btw how much time would it take to be a good one…

could u suggest how to remove TLE in my new code…

your logic is correct but your implementation is inefficient
Let me mention few thing

  • tree of size of 4M is enough there is no need to take it 50M
  • There is no need of tree2 at all you could have return stuct node from query
    and I haven’t seen your second code which is gettng TLE but first one after correction should have got accepted.
    try this one (Its your first code with correction)

seriosly bro was great help…:slight_smile: thnx a lot…:slight_smile:

bt what did u mention abt tree2 i guess u r talking abt tree1 …
could u plzzz show how to retrn stucut node from query in this code or could guide …plzzz…