FreeStyle coding contest cheating

FreeStyle coding contest is being held on codechef by some Punjab university. First question is basic STL. The second question is copied from Hackerrank. The problem name is also same and the problem statement. The third one is a basic question but is again copied from geeksforgeeks exactly(even the IO Format). The fourth one is copied from Hackerrank(Counter Game). The fifth one is copied from USACO contest, i don’t remember which one but I am pretty sure I have done it.
Also, there are some prizes in the contest so I request the codechef admins to block the contest.

TL;DR - FreeStyle coding contest has one basic STL question and all other are copied exactly from other sources so please ban it.


Thank you for reporting. We are looking into it, and necessary action will be taken.

Edit: The contest has been cancelled. We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Appropriate action will be taken against the organizing University.


Will the problems be available for practice ?