Foul practice during a contest.

This is to grab the attention of the codechef admins and to suggest a possible alternative to the present policy of catching the genuine cheaters.
So,the backdrop is-I am an average minded kid who usually has to employ himself for hours even for solving the comparatively easy problems. So,this average minded kid sits for days and participates in a long contest and comes out with his best till date only to realize later that his code had somehow been leaked during the contest and he will not only get no rating for the contest,but will also be penalized .
Now this is not to beg to get the act undone but to put the attention somewhere else. It’s about the person who copied my code.He goes by the handle dambero. After going through his profile ,I realized that this guy has been involved in unfair practices ever since he has been at codechef and has been caught doing so for the past four consecutive long contests.Further in the list of his submissions,I noted codes written in different styles which indicates that all he does on codechef is sit on ideone the whole day and keep copying other’s solution at codechef.
Now,the alternative that I want to suggest should be obvious.And to state the obvious,there should be a limit on the number of times(may be consecutive) a person can continue to be a codechef member even after being caught using unfair practices.This may be a bit harsh,so ,I have yet another alternative to suggest and that is where my selfishness becomes apparent.Whenever a cheating case is encountered,more than one person are affected and both are punished equally,but cant the punishment be relaxed for a person having a clean background if he is alleged to be involved in cheating with a person who has a bad history??


nice point raised

This is indeed a problem many people face. My points have been dropped too as a user @chee took my code from ideone. Now I realise I should have kept it on private and not public.

Admins should look into this. You have got a point

Same case with me. A user @markychor took my code from ideone.