forgot password WA

plz can anyone point out the error… i spent lot of time over it…(>_<)

totally frustrated…


The fact that we can’t get the actual tests on which the solution fails is really aggravating. check this link i have given some test cases for which it is failing

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corrected it…
bt still its WA…:(:(:frowning:
and thanku for the help

upvote if it helped of mark it as best answer

@grvana take array size of 1000000 then check the result and i agree with u @amitt001

this is what i submitted

i guess there are some more corner cases…which i’m not satifying…and @sanzzzay i upvoted your answer…

bhai i am not much concerned about vote …amitt001 is … i have no problem and for input 0000000000000000000 it should give 0

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ok…chill i’m learning…
could u guide me how to tackle dp??? samaj he ni aati bilkul:(…like digijump

man i am also struggling with dp … check the tags with dp …

thanku for the help…

dont know what iz wrong now