Forgot password. Kindly help

i have tried all possible test cases…
plz check from my submissions…n REPLY @admin

do you really think the admin will go individually through your submission ? On a more serious note, there might be other reasons why you’re getting WA. think !

if you want, i can pass you my input generator, might help

Hey lordhellraiser. Kindly send an email to regarding your problem. We will look into the issue and will try to help you.

That’s very generous of you…
plz send it to my mailbox(
best of luck…

Did you check the test case for which the final case will be 0.00??

I mean if the obtained answer should not be an empty string. The answer should be an integer. So 0 should be the answer. I don’t really remember any other corner cases.

try to check for the following cases
n=0 s=0.0 expected o/p=0 , n=0 s=00000000 expected o/p=0, n=0 s=0000.10030000 expected o/p=.1003, n=0 s=004380000.0000 expected o/p=4380000 and n=0 s=’.’ expected o/p=0 Once you are done with these cases then submit. good luck…!!