for begineers editorial provided by codechef not usefull

i wanna say that the begineers rating(1000-5000) can easily understand the first 4 to 5 problems but after that they struck even after reading the editorial .myself always found difficulty to understand from editorials from codechef becz of having very short explanation .one day i was looking others solution then i came accross a guy named shadik from bangladesh. in every long challenge he do around 4 to 5 question and put the solution on his website;

and after reading solution i found that that is quite simple to grab the logic here he explain well
so i request codechef to improve the editorials quality prepare the editorial in such a way that a person having fair knowledge of coding can understand that or
their is another way also .that is if good coders from codechef can prepare good quality editorial
(vedio link,trick explanation ,minor things) and post it somewhere.then it will be great help to those who wanna learn but can’t learn due to lack of proper explanation…gud luck…
if others are also facing same problem then let me now… #wanna_learn

Thanks for sharing this link though :slight_smile:

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I uploaded a video tutorial on segment trees today. Hope you find it useful :slight_smile:

Segment Trees


Hi Rohit.

I was in your position about a year ago. The problem with any explanation is that:

  1. It must be interesting.

  2. People get confused and anxious with very long editorials. So they skip some parts.

In a technical paper, people want to avoid explaining stuff already available elsewhere. Like Segment Trees. Or Suffix Arrays. If they are mentioned every time a question needs them, people who already know these concepts will be pissed.

I remember how frustrating it was to stop after the 5-6th problem because I had no idea how to solve the next few. You will need to improve your theoretical knowledge with concepts like those mentioned above. And tomorrow, when a new kid comes into this site, he has to go through the same process.

But to make this process easier, I suggest codechef @dpraveen to move on to video tutorials. Even if it isn’t practical for all the questions, at least some difficult ones could have blackboard explanations and code walkthroughs. That would be so awesome!!

Best of Luck :slight_smile:


@gkcs thanks for your guidence gkcs but i wanna say i thing at least good coders may explain their codes and can explain minor things .codechef can do it by giving some rewards or goodies to the best editorials prepared for beigneers any person can submit editorial codechef can filter good editorial and post them.


Thanks, gkcs, feedback appreciated. Will take some action regarding it.


Nice editorials @gkcs. Could you take some on graph theory also?

Even I agree with this, the quality of codechef’s editorials is degrading. But some editorials are very nice specially those which are written by @kevinsogo and @dpraveen they both writes very nice editorials. I request all the editorialists to write editorials in such a way that everyone understands it specially beginners.

I Think You are right but let me tell one thing that what if some editorial are not written well or getting you hard to understand then first of all you should take it as Hint such that you will get another option to kick your brain in this one, otherwise mostly people would not give any intention after reading the whole!

Why i m saying this, the reason is i remember the 2 questions where i used editorial as a hint(as it was not well explained there) and make my brain oriented towards it and waste exactly whole day after collecting all info. and previous knowledge etc!

Tada! Finally i had solved the problems!