For all the Sublime Text users out there.


I wanted to invite the community to test out this plugin I’ve been building for Sublime Text 2/3.

It gives STDIN input to your program through sublime text. One of the best features is that you give it an input while coding itself, and then you don’t have to switch between editor and the prompt again and again, the input you define is passed every time.

For example:

The solution to the TEST problem:

4 5 6 42 1

int main() {
  int n;
  while(1) {
  return 0;          

In this example, the program will behave like it has been fed the specified input in the comments.

Plugin page and installation/usage instructions

Any feedback, or bug report is appreciated. Thanks.

UPDATE: Now supports both ST2/ST3 and is up on package control. Also, has C/C++/Python/Java build systems by default (given you have the compilers installed and in your path).


This is amazing. Thank you.

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Wow! I’ve been searching for a plugin that could do this for a while now… Nice Work!

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can you make this for sublimetext 2???

Hi. Just wanted to give an update. It now supports Sublime Text 2 and 3 both.
Also, it can be installed via package control.



Nice work bro… :slight_smile:

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btw is it too hard to make a plugin?

It isn’t that hard once you get hold of the Sublime Text API. The official documentation is not very extensive though.

It’s Done. :slight_smile:

Hello, It’s really a very nice work… Can we use multiple inputs, and also output checking. i.e for example consider codeforces, in that we will be having only one input in each file, and 2-3 sample inputs are given for each question. So in that case what we need to give as input comment. Also is there a feature like output checker.



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There isn’t an output checker yet, but it’s an interesting feature (could be useful when you’re checking against a long output) and I’d try to add it in the next version.

I’m not sure how codeforces works, but what I seem to understand is you want the program to be executed multiple times with different inputs. Would that really help? I mean, does codeforces provide a bunch of input and their output files that you’ve got to clear, like clearing Unit Tests?

Yeah, what you understood is absolutely correct.Please try to add these features in your next version.Of course I have written checker function for myself and using that for codechef, codeforces. It’s working quite well.

The checker function just parses problem page and extracts test cases and stores them in input.txt and output.txt(it takes care of multiple input files containing unit tests) in my home folder.My solution will be checked with these cases.In other words it’s completely automated.



hey Chaitanya can you please tell what is Output checker?

Nice work bro … really very nice feature :slight_smile:


@rishabhprsd7 Output checker is a function/program which compiles your program and checks your output for a given input with the expected one.High Tail is one of the example.I hope you have understood it …



Amazing… Finally, waiting is over…

I have had some issues with it , If the input causes some runtime error which is run using using sublime input , Sublime becomes unresponsive to build and run after that . The only solution is restarting the computer .

Other than that it is a great plugin .

I have installed the sublime and installed the package as per the instructions. But, still I am unable to get the output. It doesnot read the input from the specified top area, besides just prints the output which I am printing. Any help please?

I am coding in cpp but I am unable to configure this package. Please help me in configuring it.