I’ve written code in Java for FLOORI4 problem, and i’ve tested it using random inputs (for worst cases combined) like T=3030 and 1<=N<=10^6 (3000 cases) and 10^6<= N <= 10^10 (30 cases) and 1<=M<=10^5, on my machine it runs in 4.5 secs approx and for individual cases(separately) it runs within 2.5 sec bound, but here i get TLE. But some people code got accepted even in 14 sec limit.

I am unable to figure out that how to compare our system time with platform time, so that i may know how much to optimize.

The actual time limit for this problem is 1.5 sec for a single test file. And the time that you see in the submission pages will be sum of time taken for all the test files. There will be a group of test files surely more than one.

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On my machine for single random test file(any case) it is within 2.5 secs(Java)…

That is why your code does not pass! Because your code should run in 1.5 sec for each test file.

@chalubhalu hmmm… think you are right, may be i interpreted time limits wrong, and thought of as for single test case, well that explains why i am getting TLE…

@chalubhalu=>> hellya!! got it. with little optimization(very tiny) i had gut feeling that i was close… :smiley: phew feels so great…


@greendragons (y) :slight_smile:

@greendragons Good for you :slight_smile: