Fishy business in KCHESS beginner problem

I was looking through the beginner problems yesterday and I found an interesting problem, KCHESS. (I wrote a solution here.)

It is solved by going through every single knight, and then checking if a knight can move to any of the 9 squares the king is in/can move to.

But then I found someone had this extremely short solution in python (which I also rewrote in pascal). This solution just checks if the knight is on the same row/col. And it passes the test cases apparently. I found a test case such that the short solutions don’t work, but the first one I did before works:

0 1
0 4
1 6
2 6
5 6
6 4
5 0
2 0
4 1
3 3

Where the expected output is:


Since all the squares are under check. The short solutions return NO but the longer ones return YES. Test cases probably should be fixed for this problem…

There seems to problem in the test cases. I created a program that only checks if it is a “check” and not a checkmate. And I got an AC.
So I guess the test cases are weak.