First time to Programming,


  1. Would you please guide how i can kick start programming on Codechef given the fact i have never learnt to program in my life?

  2. This is going to be my first time to teach myself programming and I have opted for Python language in programming language category. Should I start with Python or C or C++ ? Which one is the most suitable for
    a novice like me ?

  3. Do I need to learn coding and programming skills in advance in any particular chosen language before I
    try my hand at Codechef? What is the basic prerequisite to start as a beginner for participation on Codechef.

  4. When I click on the practise problem for beginner called NUMCHAR, there opens a text editor and no question. Kindly brief me about the interactive environment for programming here.

  5. I am of this view that on a platform like Codechef one gets to learn both a new programming language and coding skill simultaneously. Yesterday I register myself on Codechef after watching a video on youtube.
    Please enlighten me on this.