I found this awesome channel :

it’s a great initiative by @gkcs to give much needed video editorials…

Since he has started a few month back only he needs support of all those who seek video editorials.
I am happy to share this link with u all…

You can ask him to upload video editorial on questions across different challenges… if he finds them worthy enough he will surely make a video on it.

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no editorial from march long…

Yes, his videos are REALLY helpful. Not only in solving the problem, but also in giving alternate approaches. I was able to find some alternative approaches because of them, and that too on same AND different Q (because its the concept which matters, and he explains it so clearly, that I can immediately start experimenting and tweaking it to solve other questions.) I hope he does great with this!!

@rohitahuja552 you can use comment section to ask gaurav sen(gkcs) to make videos for march long

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yes exactly !!.. they helped me 2.

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