Few Queries Related to C++ and Java

[1] Which would be better C++ or Java when building Desktop Applications/Softwares?

[2] Which would be better to use Java Swing or JavaFX?

Please answer them by their number

I used JAVAFX to make the applications for my academic projects. I will vouch for JAVA and JAVAFX. Can you tell the nature of your application though? Perhaps something better can be possible as well :slight_smile:

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I have completed my Java from https://www.w3schools.in/java-tutorial can is it sufficient to start Learning Swing or JavaFX?

Java swing etc. is basically GUI programming. Not very difficult, I myself learned by directly jumping into it. The only thing is, you may refer to a few tutorials for syntax and noting down good practices, but thats it.

the JavaFX is made to replace Swing right ?

I have learn the c++ coding please tell me.
How can i better learning for c++?

I’m assuming that you are asking how to become better at writing programs using C++.
I would suggest that you learn the basic syntax, then practice as many problems as you can using C++.
When you get stuck at some point, look at how others have solved the problem using C++.
This will help you identify your mistakes as well as teach you better coding practices in your language.