Few Advancements that can be done in codechef.


@admin First of all congratulations for doing a fantastic job of teaching India code.

I would like to suggest that in practice problems if you categorize the problems according to algorithms type it would be a great help to some people who are just starting to learn and also various persons who are weak at particular algorithm and cannot find appropriate problems as their category is unknown.

for examples some categories can be

  1. Segment trees
  2. graph based
  3. string based
  4. BITs or etc etc

only major categories can be listed. Not only users will find it easy enough also they will be benefited as it will help them to keep track of their advancement.

Also, If codechef can add AI(artificial intelligence)(we have to train algorithms to get a result) questions or code golf(shortest code) question it will add stars to the site.
In the end its just a suggestion.



You can use problem tags http://www.codechef.com/tags/problems for finding problems related to a particular algorithm or data structure.

@gautam94 but every new user does not know about these tags and sometimes these tags are random and most question do not have a tag.

The main goal of Codechef is “Go for Gold” objective. As you already told they have taken a great step to teach india Code :slight_smile: . I’m happy to give 100% credits to codechef for my selection in JP Morgan for an internship position recently :slight_smile: .

Now coming to your query about AI n Codegolf , They dont help in ACM ICPC which is the main target of codechef ( not only in ICPC but also in many coding competitions ) . But Im sure that they are experienced enough to introduce them if they feel that these things are necessary.

Regarding Tags , Codechef already introduced that feature and I hope that they will make it user friendly in future ( Im completely fine with what they did now ). I can say that it’s in Beta phase.

Thanq Codechef. Happy Coding :slight_smile:

It’s not really a good idea learning-wise to add to a problem the way it can be solved…

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