fetching data from website

As an intern,part of my task is to import data from a site, say censusindia site and paste it on an excel or libreofficecalc sheet. The data is regarding district, subdistrict,population of that subdistrict etc. One has to first choose the state,then the district and then the subdistrict to view the statistics of that subdistrict. Is there any way i can automate the process? Manually doing it will take me ages because there are millions, if not billions of subdistricts in india.

Well this is a programming contest forum. You can ask such questions on stackoverflow.
By the ways for your kind information the task you are trying to do is called web scraping. You can use any language for it. I prefer Python and in Python there are two famous modules named BeautifulSoup and Lxml. They will help you in completing your task easily and you will also need to refer to mechanize values to the form like in your case selecting districts etc. Then use Python xls writer here to write to an excel file