Feedback on ICO Preparatory Series.

Hello codechef community,

Today was the last contest of the ICO preparatory series. I would really like some feedback on how you guys liked the series and also if something similar in the future is something you’d look forward to. :smiley:

Also, please do comment on my problems that I had contributed for this, you can find them here.


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I hope you liked it. Happy new year! :smiley:

As a beginner I found the questions just perfect. The perfect blend of difficult and mind teasing questions which you would expect in the real ICO. Great work in the choice of questions.

Keep up the good work @ista2000

Happy New Year!

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Editorials for the questions would be great help.

It was a mix of questions from easy to hard. The questions were great. Editorials for all the questions would be really useful.

What is the solution to MINMAX2?

Thank you, this means a lot. :smiley:

They would be uploaded soon. :slight_smile:

Thank you! The editorials would be uploaded soon. :smiley:

The dp was dp[i][k] = max/min(dp[j][k-1]+minp[j]*maxq[i])
You can see that these can be treated like lines. This suggests convex hull optimization. But you will need to store K sets of lines and for min you will have to do backward DP while for max you will have to do forward DP. Some people also solved it using the divide and conquer optimization. You will find greater details in the editorials. :smiley: I hope you liked the problem.

Uploaded for today’s contest.