February Lunchtime 2017 laddus

In February Lunchtime 2017 my global rank was 244 .so was i elgible for the laddus ?
according to Codechef Laddus you will get will be
300 + Bonus
(Bonus = n – contest rank, where ‘n’ is 21 for long contest and 11 for short contests)
so i should have received 311-244 Laddus


No @anno , they only give laddus to the top 20 Rankers.

You can check this link for detailed description on laddus and goodies.



@only4 answered your Q aptly. Only Top 20 will get the laddus. However, if you’re lucky, you might get one of those random laddus for participation. (200 laddus- given by random, if I am not wrong).

But what I suggest is that, participate in all of their contests because the 1000 laddu (100% attendance) isn’t hard at all. Whats more, is that it will sharpen your skills good enough, to make you come in top 10. Its just a matter of practice!


@only4 it’s not really top 20 rankers. First of all only the school students get them and secondly top 10 indian students and top 10 rest of the world get it. This has no relation with being in the top 20 in the ranklist.


Ya true, but he gave the relevant link. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, the link was correct.