Features for stop making of multiple accounts

Features need to be added to prevent Multiple Accounts on Codechef

First of all IP’s can be changed easily using proxy server and all. Moreover, let me give you a example of my hostel. More than 20-30 people are active on codechef with same network ( hostel network ). So you are going to block all these accounts for no reason…?

Possible ways to prevent this all can be done through :

  • You can set a cross browser cookie.
    Refer :
    http://samy.pl/evercookie/ They
    can not be deleted by the browser
    cookie deletetion they stay 4 ever
    and you can read the cookie cross
    browsers. Its the ultimate solution
    if the user uses the same computer.
  • SMS Authentication on registration
    and in all a/c active too.
  • Accounts with same password.
  • Set a tracking cookie (i.e. random
    hash) and check for multiple login
    through it.
  • Browser fingerprinting

But ofcause, I would also like to suggest that deleting user accounts or banning them without prior information if caught through these all methods should not be done.

To make me clear, let me give a example. If I am using my computer to use codechef regularly, and I have a friend who was programming on my computer for any reason for 1-2 days, then there is no such reason that the accounts should be blocked, what can be done is that a warning can be shown initially when user logged in telling that this computer is used by “handle” and so on…

If there is continuous use then blocked…!!

Little more info about cross browser cookie I discussed above :

What if the user deletes their

That’s the great
thing about evercookie. With all the
methods available, currently
thirteen, it only takes one cookie to
remain for most, if not all, of them
to be reset again.
For example,
if the user deletes their standard
HTTP cookies, LSO data, and all HTML5
storage, the PNG cookie and history
cookies will still exist. Once either
of those are discovered, all of the
others will come back

Does this work cross-browser?
If a
user gets cookied on one browser and
switches to another browser, as long
as they still have the Local Shared
Object cookie, the cookie will
reproduce in both browsers.

Knowing that the codechef uses Drupal in backend.

Here are 6 plugins / modules for enabling 2-step verification in Drupal.

Out of which I liked these the most :

  • Multifactorauth - which requires you to enter a non-evolving pin over your phone to get access.

  • Duo Security integrates the Duo Security tool which includes app, sms, phone callback, and hardware tokens