[Feature request] Searching for questions.

I found a question in Code Chef Cook challenge. However there was no submit button there so I opened up the editorial and then from there opened the practice link and submitted solution there. For one particular problem there was no editorial and also no way to search for that problem on the CodeChef website. So I googled it up and found the link there.

CodeChef should add a option internally in the practice section on the website from where we can search for problems or problem’s code.

@admin Please look into it and see if you can bring this feature onto the website.!


I HIGHLY agree with this. There should be something by which we can search problems. Because browsing through the problems gets really…inconvenient sometimes, to say the least.

But there is one problem, on what basis should it search?

Should it search by the problem code? By the title? Or by the problem description? Or perhaps they can implement all 3 options and leave it for us to choose by which method we want to search problems.
(I personally want all 3. Lol, I know, I am greedy XD)

Till, then, I can only give you one tip. Open any practice problem, and in the link, replace the problem code with the problem code of the problem you are looking for. This will open the problem page for you. I think this might help.



Replace CHRL4 with problem code. Lets say we are looking for CATSDOGS, then the link should be-


Note- It is case sensitive.

Also we cannot submit our code of some past contest while googling…for that we need to search it in practice section.Something can be done regarding this.

I will say problem code in the meantime.
Later it can be extended to anything like users,problems,editorials,challenges etc

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Thanks for the tip. :slight_smile:

I googled and then among the search results tried to look for the link for the practice.

For this case, remove the contest name from link. Example-

Remove that “/MARCH17” from link and make it as-

This should redirect you to the correct place :slight_smile:

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