Feature request on Status page

Hi, I’ve got an idea of a new feature on Status page.

Sometimes it’s useful to sort the submissions by code length. Shorter code may be easier to understand, in my opinion.

Also, we should be able to filter the submissions by their score. There are many problems with subtasks on CodeChef. However, partially-correct submissions also get Accepted verdict. Sometimes we only need fully-correct submissions.

Thanks for reading. I hope my request makes sense.


Here is a script that I had made to
Filter submissions based on score.


That’s wonderful. Thanks a lot.

I have one more request. I think it’s useful to filter the submissions by language and sort them by code length.

Is it possible to implement a script for such feature?

it is possible but then it will be very slow compared to what @abdullah768 did now as it will have to open each submission and check number of lines…
also it won’t work for ongoing contests as codechef doesn’t allow to see solutions of an on going contest…
while checking points is faster as points are visible on submission list (as well as for on going contest) …

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codechef do give number of lines on each submission… but to access that link of solution needs to be opened

Thanks for replying.

I want to sort the solutions by the size of code (i.e. how many bytes) instead of the number of lines. I agree that it’s hard to implement such script. However, it might be easier for CodeChef, since they can just sort the submissions by file size.