[Feature Request]: Filtering submissions by points

Is there anyway we can filter submissions by points? Usually when I want to see the fastest submission according to running time then there are submissions with partial score on top(ofcourse I want to see submissions with 100 point only).


Don’t think its supported at present … however this is something which would be helpful for us … @admin please try to add this feature …


I’ve always wanted this feature.

@admin: Please add this if it is possible.

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Yup! It will be very usefull to sort out the submission with this technique… i hope in next update we will see this feature to get easily the solution of 100pts!

@admin ?

I support the request for filtering by score within AC. Typically as mentioned the sore of interest would be 100; I can’t immediately see why a lower percentage would be of interest but no doubt someone would find a use for it.

Also filtering by partial language name would be very handy. Now that the version of Python 3 have been changed to 3.6, I can no longer filter by Python 3.5 and I would often be interested in any of Python 3, Python or Pypy.

User names are suggested when typing but I think these are drawn from the entire user set, not from those who have submitted a solution necessarily.

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They said its in their pipeline. Cant say when it will be finished but they’d definitely add it.

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Here is a script that I had made to
Filter submissions based on score.

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