FCTRL [python2] - Wrong Answer?

I cannot seem to think of test cases which my program could be failing. It passes the given test case.

def my_range(start, stop, step):
    i = start
    while i < stop:
        yield i
        i *= step

for n in range(int(raw_input())):
    curr_num = int(raw_input())
    assert curr_num >= 1
    assert curr_num <= 1000000000
    ctr = 0

    for x in my_range(5, curr_num, 5):
        ctr += (curr_num // x)
    print ctr

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Any pointers would be appreciated.

Here is the link to your updated code.

In the for loop just change curr _ num to curr _ num + 1.

I can’t believe I missed that. Thanks!