Faulty rankings in the April Challenge : My questions submitted in April Challenge were not considered while making new ranklist.

At the completion of this April challenge I had a score of 470. However when I checked the ranklist, I found that none of them had been counted and all data related to the competition had been removed. However my recent activity clearly shows that I have submitted all the solutions successfully. Anyone in the community please tell me how to resolve this and how this is even possible on a platform so trusted. Really disheartening.

If chef finds that I have cheated, which is absolutely bogus, then kindly please tell how? Without proper proof I am not taking this bullshit in. I have really worked hard for this challenge. This is absolutely outrageous.

It happens if You have been caught in a cheating case by Codechef.

@shivamflash It is because you cheated and violated the code of conduct of codechef…like you left your code public in ideone and by many other ways…For more details contact Codechef through email.

same happened with me i did not cheated

this is because U have been caught cheating

You cheated!

Rank Country User Name Score
3491 India rahul 200
this was shown on contest page when i clicked on me but it is not updating in my profile

this happens to you may be because you didn’t follow the code of conduct of codechef.
Please go thorough it before putting such nonsense questions on CODECHEF Discussion.

Hey Shivamflash, You would have received an email from us regarding your account. Kindly check and reply accordingly.