FATCHEF and python

My python solution times-out and I can’t find any successful python submission .
Shall I write my solution in C++ or java , or may you update the time limit ?


Yes even I am getting the same problem.

Yes I agree Python solutions do give TLE. Try porting it to another language. For me, I had to use some I/O optimization for C++.

I agree. This should be fixed, please.

tle in java also…do i/o needs optimization?

Yupp, i/o optimization is needed in this one. I did it in c++. got tle with cin, cout.

I agree. As you move towards harder problems, Python submissions decrease exponentially :P. One of the reasons is that they don’t test these problems for Python.
Hence it is advisable that you code your solutions in C/C++/Java. Some problems do require I/O optimizations.

I agree even it is same for C# where i need to do some kind of optimization to make it pass. But i think codechef admin should make sure that Time limit should be according to the language and making a problem specific to language and not to the algorithm is not very good way. Hackerrank does it very well.