Fast string input

What is the fastest way to input strings in c and c++?

I know there are many ways to get integers fast but I was not able to find anything that helps with strings especially char strings.

I don’t know which one is fastest. But, for contest point of view. Both gets() and scanf("%s",a) serves their purpose well and you’ll never get TLE because of them.

In my opinion gets is faster than scanf in case of strings.

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You can take input char by char…using getchar_unlocked()…which is quite fast…maybe faster than scanf & gets…hope this helps…:slight_smile:


maybe this code might be of some use…link!!!

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you can use string class in c++
to get input of string it is the fastest way i came around it is faster than scanf and gets

Try this question

I have used fread function to get answer within the time limit.
For fread usage read this:
Last field can be set to STDIN if you are reading from standard input rather than a file

In my opinion gets or getchar_unlocked() is fastest way to get string input

One could use
to read into a character array but its deprecated, or fgets where you can specify max number of characters to avoid overflow

I think that gets() is faster than scanf because it doesn’t put ‘\0’ in the end of the string

use scanf and printf for all types of data.
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for reading strings, read() is much much faster than scanf()

We can create a gets function which I think should be the fastest way

void gets_scratch(char str[]){

int i =0;

char a;


a = getchar();


str[i] = a;



else a[i] = ‘\0’;



Please correct me if I am wrong