False acquisition of plagiarism.

Here is what I recieved after the May Long Challenge 2017.
alt text

As you can see, both the submissions were same. I had e-mailed them at that time, but I didn’t get any reply. Some days ago, when I checked my account, I saw my ratings were dropped by 645 points. After that, I again messaged them in facebook, but no reply came. Please see to it that I get my ratings revived.

As you can see, both the submissions were same.

Which is exactly why MOSS detected you. I missed the point here.

What explanation did you give them?

@vijju123 Both the solution will be same as submission id are same for both


Oh, didnt look at that!

Can you forward that mail to me @aviroop123 ?

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@vijju123 Yes, I have forwarded the mail to you.

Any updates?

I will automatically update when I get any news.

Update: Your solution matched with other solutions. The automated mail sent wrong links. The final mail is sent to you. Case closed.