fake contests on codechef

Does codechef take any action against institutions who organize contests with fake prizes? is codechef responsible for that in anyway ? For example UEMCO had a fake prize money of 50k. I’ve also witnessed other contests with similar fake prizes.


Also the level of these contests is not up to the standards of this site and almost all the questions are copied from previous contests with slight modifications in problem statement, for which solutions can be found in a simple google search.

This completely defeats the purpose of these contests,although un-rated, codechef should also run plagiarism checks for these contests too!


For fake contests-The colleges are banned from hosting future contests temporary (ranging from months to years) or permanently.

For problems not upto standard- Since its unrated, codechef should not interfere much in this respect, else it will cause a huge dissatisfaction among the colleges. Rated contests are checked for quality and difficulty thoroughly, but for unrated ones the only criteria is problems should not be copied.

Copied problem cases are also dealt similar to fake contests- resulting in banning of institute (and any further action as @admin deems fit)

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I just want to clarify: I got the prize from UEMCO last week (rank 4) so I think that was not fake. They took a long time to give the prizes but atleast they gave and I can confirm that.