Fail to upload source file

Hi all,

I’d tried to use the function “choose a file to upload” in submit page.

And I found that it would have some problems when the file size is bigger(about 5MB), submission page shows that the code I submitted is a blank code, and return a compile error result.

The file size is surely under the limitation of source limit, is it a bug of codechef? and is it possible for me to submit a file which its size is about some megabytes?

Thanks in advance.


Well, as explicitly written on most problems constraints it is said that the maximum source file size is 50000 Bytes…

That is around 48 kb in size… And never, ever, 5Mb… I don’t even know how many lines of code would need to be written, or how much arrays should be hard coded for a source code file to reach a size of 5 Mb…

There tends to be some confusion about some of these units of measurement, but, if you have any doubts, check google, as it does automatic unit conversion between any two of these various units…

Remember, 48 kb is 49152 bytes, if you check some of your source files, you’ll see for sure that most of them aren’t any larger than 5000 bytes…

I hope I could help you,


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oh, it’s my misunderstood of limitation, thank you.