I’ve got to write an essay about famous algorithms (mostly sorting and searching) in various programming languages (in my case C++ and Pascal, and maybe but very unlikely Java). Can somebody please recommend me some book that’s good for this matter.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Also, completely off topic :D, I’ve got question regarding scanf() function in C++. Can somebody explain me how to read multiple items from each line (for example a string and an integer or two space-separated strings) using this function.

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for basic concepts use yashwant kanetkar and for algorithms refer Analysis and Disign of Algorithms by Sahni.

Sahni is the best for algorithms… Go for it…

For your first question ,Introduction to Algorithm (CLRS) also called as the algorithm Bible will be always the best choice .

For the second question::
Use the appropriate type (C for Char input ,s for string input, f for float input).
Refer this tutorial to know the details of Scanf .

Here is the example in C++ that takes string ,integer and float input from a line

#include <iostream>
#include <stdio.h>
using namespace std;
int main()
	char s[1000];
	int i;
	float f;

	return 0;


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Hello pera93 ,

There are many books and websites where you find algorithms on sorting and searching. If you prefer books then you must go with CLRS or Horowitz and Sahni these are two best books otherwise if you want some quiz and some change in algorithms to make more efficient then you must go with geeksforgeeks.

Maybe you have got your content for your essay. You will get highest marks as you have used Codechef Discuss Forum. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am telling you the scanf() func.

The scanf() reads multiple values that are separated by a space.

so scanf("%s%s%d%f%c",s1,s2,&n1,&f1,&c1); will read two Strings, 1 Integer, 1 Float, and 1 Char whether you separate them by a space or by Return key(\n). It has to read all thee arguements that are passed into the scanf(). maybe by @ritesh_gupta 's cde you have understood it all.

And Hats Off to your School Brother. :smiley:

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