Errors in Heaven to Earth that Im unable to find

There seems to be an error in my code which I am unable to find.Could you guys tell me what went wrong ? New to coding so apologies for the formatting.

int main()
int N,V1,V2,t1,t2;
int t;
for(int i=0;i<t;i++)
{scanf("%d %d %d",&N,&V1,&V2);
int t1i = sqrt(2) * N;
t1= t1i / V1;
int t2i = 2 * N;
t2 = t2i / V2;
else printf("Elevator\n");
return 0;

int t1i = sqrt(2) * N;

I dont recall K*\sqrt{2} being an integer to be stored in int data type.

Similarly t1, t2 must be double/float as well. These values can be decimal.

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