error while taking input in python

I tried to take an input in Python but the compiler showed a runtime error (NZEC error). I have tried many solutions but none seem to work.

This is line on which I am getting an error for problem code HS08TEST

amt,total=map(int,input().split(" "))

What should I do to solve that error

I think you should revisit the problem statement, the problem says that the second input is a float number with 2 places of decimal precision.

So instead of amt,total=map(int,input().split(" "))

You should write this as amt,total=map(float,input().split(" "))

I did this correction and re-submitted your code ( correction done in your latest submission to that problem ).

This rectification frees you from the NZEC error ; but still you would receive a WA verdict (meaning that you should think again the logic of question to what the question demands and what you are doing)

Hope this helps…!