error is found that array required but int found how can i resolve it


This is an ongoing contest. Refrain from asking such questions during a live contest.

You shouldnt share any piece of code from a live contest kunnu.

@vijju123 that’s not me lol

that’s not me hahaha

I know :stuck_out_tongue: I am just playing around XDXD

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I did not see his question… But should not we help him if it’s some general language related question?? I mean, he is not asking about any algorithm right??(Guessing it from title…)

I also felt some of these kind of errors during my early stage of programming and found it very difficult to resolve, leading to lost interest in programming some times… Just don’t want it to be case like that here…

He copy pasted his entire code here. Thats not allowed during contest. Also, the error he is getting is descriptive enough to tell whats wrong (it tells line number as well). He ought to google it himself, atleast during the contest.

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agree with @vijju123, I know @kauts_kanu you’re right but if he wants the help then he should ask a specific question like how I can change a char to int or something like that although you can google the problem you facing as said by vijju