Error 503 in codechef

I am getting too many 503 errors lately in codechef. Is it just me or is there some issue with the server?


I also experience error 503 from time to time. For me quick refresh and everything is okay.

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Upvote the question so it reaches to admins

It may be occurring to you but Codechef being a global platform, you may have faced it, it occur when too many users are uploading their answer

I also experience it frequently. We can tag @admin for reaching him or you can we can send him a mail. Till then whenever it comes, you can just refresh it.

Just try refreshing the page and if the problem still exists try other browser instead there is no benefit of sending email to admin or as generally they don’t reply on mail.

This happens when too many requests from one ip address or location increase load on server. Try to clear cache and cookies and this won’t happen again. And yes every time you log in to your account don’t forget to log out.

Yes experienced few times… but it has never been considerable problem, since a single refresh fixes everything within a second. But, still its nice if Codechef fixes it if it can.