Error 502 while opening Laddus

Lately, whenever I try opening the “My Laddus” page from the dropdown after clicking my icon in the top of the codechef webpage, I encounter a 502 bad gateway error.

Is this happenning to someone else, and if so, how do I access the “My laddus” page.

What explorer are you using?

It works fine for me. Did you try refreshing? Is your internet going little slow? These might be possible issues (I experienced problems accessing codechef during these). Most of the time refreshing worked for me. I suggest sending them a mail too, so they can get to know your issue quicker.

I use chrome. And no internet is not at all slow.

Tried clearing cache? I heard clearing cache fixed some of the lesser bugs. If that doesn’t help either, then we can only wait till @admin notices your issue.