Educational contest request

Hi everyone

i would like request Codechef to hold Educational contest like AtCoder organize link .
I think this would be a great idea, helping many of us gaining the basics of topics quickly. Holding them at a every 10 days or so time interval would allow enough time to prepare the contest as well as give contestants time to upsolve the last one.

I hope this is seriously considered!


I think this initiative already has been taken by @mgch as he mentioned here. Also you can learn a lot from Long Challenges(if you upsolve).

Hi @vichitr i have learned anything in CP it is 90% from long contest . i try to upsolve as much i can but my point is it would be great if we have Educational round like as mention above on various topic like DP,Range_query,Number_theory etc because long challange more concentrate on implementation problems. No offence @mgch but i didn’t understand this link

Suggestion heard. @admin had been thinking of this lately herself as well.


I also agree , Codechef should increase the frequency of contests .
Moreover , what’s wrong in it if we could have one or two extra short contests in a month. The community will definitely enjoy it.

Please do consider adding Virtual Contests as in Codeforces.

hope so : )

this is a Google Chrome Extension provided by someone. I have not used it personally but you may use it.

@mgch took that responsibility. I am waiting for it too.

@admin should add one or two more short contest by reducing the length of long challenge because 8 days are enough for 8 problems as there were 10 when there were 10 problems (before the divisions).

@admin should also make sure not to increase the day without prior information