editorials right after the contest

the cook-off , lunchtime contests are so fascinating , that we scratch our heads for the hours , and when you are not able to solve , you eagerly wait for the contest to end so that with the help of editorial we can find out where we are struck our our mistake or the right path, but the editorials takes up 1-2 days to published and sometimes it takes even more then that , that in a way reduces the enthu which is there right after the contest, thereby i will request @admin to ask the problem setters to be ready with their editorials when they set their problems so that they can publish it as soon as the contest ends .


Codechef has it written under its instruction that editorials must be well-ready before the contest starts. But for some reason, sometimes the editorials are delayed/not published.

While we cannot do anything for the formal things, you should feel free to ask for help at discuss as soon as contest ends. I do the same as well, even if editorial comes out the next hour, its good to now how other people approached the problem and how it striked to them that “Lets see the problem this way”


brother , i guess an editorial explanation is the best you can get , i know people are helping there out , but i guess the 4 or 5 questions they give its 100% solved by few only , and i dont usually get an answer to my prob since the questions are solved by so few :slight_smile:

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Actually, I personally prefer other people explaining their PoV, and then editorial, thats why I said that. Yes, if Q are solved by very few, then it might be tough to get a good answer, I recommend asking immediately after contest ends (at that time, there is a high probability of getting your Q answered)

Yeah, I also agree with you.

If editorials are available right after the contest, then we learn many things because most of the time enthusiasm of solving the problem die slowly as the day passes and usually we end up thinking that the question is out of our league and we cannot solve it.

(Request for admin to look into this matter)


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codeforces is really great in this case. they upload the editorials in a few hours.


hackerrank also uploads editorials as soon as the contest ends.

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yes apart from codechef i have seen other contest do it really fast


exactly thats what i m trying to indicate .

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yes may be!


there’s my upvote


Even I agree with that.

This is such a great request…I also wanted this.!

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@iamabjain i guess more or less everyone wants it .

@admin i will request you to look into the matter

i will even request all other participants to support , since its great for learning

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even i support this, the editorials should be available right after the contest so that the enthu stays.

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@pawan_asipu ENTHU well pointed

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I am sorry, but if your post is just 1 liner, its better suited as a comment instead of answer. It helps in better management of thread :slight_smile: