editorials of old practice problems

is there any way to see the editorials of practice problems of code chef.secondly if i want to solve problems related to a particular topic for eg dynamic programming how can i find all problems related to that on codechef
looking forward for reply…

http://www.codechef.com/tags/problems/dp for dynamic programming problems. similarly, you can search for other types of problems, like http://www.codechef.com/tags/problems/binarysearch.

Don’t know about the old practice problems’ editorials.

For old practise problem editorials, you can have editorial link in the problem page itself i.e at the end of the question you can have some thing like :

Author : xxxxx

Tester : yyyyy


This zzzzz refers to the editorial link. For some questions, this link may not be present.So in this case you can search for editorial using “problem code” in ‘search box’ provided in codechef discuss.Just type problem code and select ‘tags’ option.