Editorials of August Challenge

Please post the editorials of August Challenge soon. Its been quite some time after the challenge and they haven’t been out yet. Please see to it and post the editorials as soon as possible.
Thank you!
Happy coding :slight_smile:


I got a strange TLE for the 2nd problem.I got a TLE only for the last test case,which was even passed by a naive n^2 solution. But my solution was O(n) and passed all test cases in 0.0 or 0.04 seconds but got a TLE for only the last test case.Can someone please help me? I don’t have enough points to ask a question! Link below.

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@gospelslide Becoz in every test case you are using memset to fill mark array which is of size 10^5
think about when test cases are 10^5 then the complexity will go O(10^10)


@gospelslide You are using memset inside while loop . Suppose T is 10^5 and even if N is 10 you are initializing mark[MAX] using memset although you need to initialize only mark[n] . So declare mark[n] inside while loop and get AC . Here is AC version of your TLE solution .

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@rsmnnit @rajan_parmar Thanks guys.I missed easy points,I feel like an idiot.But you learn something new everyday!


@admin please do reply


I made the exact same mistake during the contest but corrected it within the last hour of the contest. :slight_smile:

Still waiting.

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@admin please upload editorials for aug16 we are still waiting .make it quick please.thanks


even am waiting for them.

it seems aug16 and sep16 editorials will be available after sep16.


Hey All, We deeply regret the delay in publishing the editorials. The editorialist is working on them and we will be publishing them soon.

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even ?? don’t think u r not good .work hard, be good so that u can be good.there is no such thing like godgifted or they started before me so i can’t be better than them. they are just excuses by loosers . It’s all upto u how far u can go.

Hey CodeChef folks,

It will be really nice, if we can get the editorials of each month’s challenge before the next month, so we can learn before the next month. I kinda feel that you guys are so overloaded, what if we just crowdsource the editorials, so everyone can update it. and who ever solved the problem can contribute to the editorial. Just a suggestion.


It’s been a while I guess, still waiting! :frowning:

It’s been a while I guess @admin, still waiting! :frowning:

i feel that they are not coming

I’m writing them in the end. Soon.