Editorials for May Long Challenge

Why are editorials still not added for may long challenge 2018?

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Tracking this case.

@vijju123 there were not editorials for April Lunchtime either. Please look into that as well.

Yes, tracking both the cases. @admin assured me that a new editorialist was hired, and he had written some of them already. They asked for time, I am keeping a track of it.

But please be patient, with codechef organizing its workshops at summer, and other competitions going on, the @admin s are busy for month of May-June. May get some time to get back to me- I will update as soon as I get a response.

editorial must be provided by the one who sets problem… then editorial will not be pending

But then editorial will not have expected quality. And they’d be narrow to one approach. There are many pros when someone else writes editorials, and it often gives a good amount of corrective feedback to setters. Being at that side, I can say it does help. Also, not all setters are well versed with english, latex etc. to write quality editorials, and some of them are really very busy. So, I wont prefer it over current system.


Yes, that’s the only thing I don’t like about Codechef, they should provide us with editorials quickly so that we can improve.

We have written editorial for DIV-2. You can check it here -


we are waiting for editorial.

How an intermediate noob(me) solved the first two questions of CodeChef May Long Challenge 2018 B