Editorials for ACM ICPC Kharagpur Site Online Round [which was held on 18th Oct]

Please make editorials for this round.

Hints for problems B, D and E would be highly appreciated.

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Flash news!!

Due to many complaints received regarding one of the problems for the Online Invitational Programming Contest held on 18th October, upon investigation we realised that the problem was a classical problem whose solutions were easily available online. It is extremely unfortunate that this happened and has wasted the efforts of the contest organisers as well as the students. After considering all options, to be able to be fair to most and to keep the integrity of the selection process intact, it has been decided by the site director to conduct another contest for ACM ICPC Kharagpur Online Invitational Programming Contest on 30th October, Thursday (18:00 - 21:00 hrs).
The teams for on-site contest will be shortlisted only on the basis of their performance in the second contest.

From ICPC Kharagpur Website!


Yes, that’s why I mentioned the date of the contest in the post title.

Dude when i posted this one it was not there! :smiley:

They will be busy setting questions right now!! :slight_smile: So perhaps you will have to wait for a longer time!and they have not even put the questions in the PEER section. So most probably you will have to wait!

Found the link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BAbUtr6nwo2CEXN1aXAsO58dlpl5nTRRFfomb6eIMd0/edit

Marking the post as closed.