Editorialists and Karma

Hey guys! I just have a quick question which I want to ask/bring to your attention (especially @admin, I think you can answer this question best)

Previously I had seen a thread which suggested that "Editorialists do such a great job in making editorials, why don’t they get placed in “Top Contributor List”. Its not fair for them "

(To those who don’t know, no matter how many upvotes an editorialist gets, his name wont come in the list for “Top Contributor”, as he is not considered a “valid” [cant get a better word atm. Will edit when get a better word] candidate for that thing)

The reason admin gave was that "Editorialists, Problem Setters and Problem Testers already get goodies and things from Codechef for editorials, so it would be a kind of ‘double benefit’ to them if they also get placed in Top Contributor because of that’

(Mainly what admin meant was that those people already get stuff and goodies, and, as far as my interpretation is concerned, that they wanted Top Contributor to be solely focussed on ‘regular guys’ because it would be unfair for us if Editorialists etc. get placed in Top Contributor)

So I want to know that has the rule changed? I saw errichto on the top contributor list, so i was wondering if there is something i missed on that point?

(Please, don’t misinterpret me, with due respect to the people of Feb Lunchtime, I acknowledge their hard work and unique concept of getting feedback and really admire it, my Q is NOT on their credibility, but just on clarification of the rule.)

The reason @errichto is in the top contributors list is this question he asked just before FEB
LUNCHTIME(8 votes)

And yes this time he didn’t marked editorials(except QHOUSE and COOMILK ) as community wiki

https://discuss.codechef.com/questions/91940/overpnt-editorial (not marked as community wiki)

https://discuss.codechef.com/questions/91951/bribetr-editorial (not marked as community wiki)

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Yes, but that doesn’t change the fact that it IS related to contest, and if editorials aren’t counted for top contributor in discuss, I want to know why that Q is being counted. Cause it kind of defeats the purpose codechef originally had.