Editorial for Practice Problems


Is the editorial for the practice problems available?
With editorial, i mean the solution given by problem setter and tester which are generally shown after Long contests end!


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I think now codechef have this thing in place. Go to the end of problem statement (just before where the comment section starts). You’ll find the all the info like:
Date Added:

So I think this is now a straight forward way to see if there is an editorial for that problem or not.


Starting from June 2012, we had started publishing all the editorials on discuss. You may find them here. The links to a problem in the contest as well as in the practice section is also mentioned in each editorial of the problem. While this is slightly inconvenient, this is the only way right now.

For the editorials of the problems prior to June 2012, you may find them here. However, all of them may not be as elaborate as the post June 2012 ones. Also right now there is no way to discover these from the problem page. We are in the process of migrating these editorials from the wiki to the discuss and provide the link on the problem page itself. Hope that helps.


thanks rajneesh.

thanks admin.

Its my pleasure too. :slight_smile:

That would be very helpful.