editorial for BINSTR

When will the editorial for binstr from november challenge be uploaded? there is an editorial for all other questions except this one


At this moment itself, I am writing the editorial for BINSTR, hoping to complete it by tonight.

Meanwhile, The brief idea is to create another array B which contains indices of strings in sorted order of string values and using persistent segment tree to check, if a range [l,r] in the original array contains any value in range [ll,rr] in B array. Two cases, when range [l,r] contains any string greater in length than query string and otherwise are to be handled separately. This can be referred at https://discuss.codechef.com/questions/139445/invitation-to-codechef-november-long-challenge-2018-sponsored-by-sharechat/140097.

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thanx alot taran

unfulfilled commitments :slight_smile:

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Had got the editorials done and forwarded to admin days ago. Seems like they havent made editorials public yet. Pinged them


Thanks a lot