Eclipse tricks and short-cuts.

What are some cool and helpful tricks/tips/short-cuts that you know and may help fellow coders?
What are the things that makes it better as compared to other Java IDEs like BlueJ?

I have recently shifted from BlueJ to Eclipse after hearing about its short-cuts like sysout(Ctrl+Space) , templates, etc. Earlier I was reluctant as it seemed very complicated as compared to the seemingly easy-to-use BlueJ. It still does. But most people in the industry, as well as professionals, experts and Java coders as a whole, use Eclipse for coding. What’s the reason? What makes it stand out? Please also mention any available online guides for Eclipse as well as any tips or tricks that you know of.

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Yeah! Eclipse is best and much better than bluej. Just work on it few days by yourself after that you will get to know about each and every feature of it. It interface is really user friendly so you don’t need to worry about the short tricks.

For short tricks you use search your query on google. There are plenty of information already available on tutorialspoint, stackoverflow and also the youtube. Just search it and get your answer.

As @bansal1232 already stated, there are lots of stuff on internet.

But if I am not wrong, your intention is that all relevant stuff could be easily located in this one thread. So well-


Some keyboard shortcuts

Related to 10 options one should know

That’s all the relevant stuff I could find atm. Please do comment in case you feel anyone of them is not apt enough, I will edit it out. (So yes, please do go through them once :slight_smile: )

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Try using netbeans for Java. My personal favourite.

Although it is available for C++ also but I tend to use it more for java.

There are various features such as:

  1. Code Completion, where users can write a snippet of code and get various completion suggestions from netbeans.
  2. Drag and Drop lot, from where users can pick up widgets and add them directly to their projects. This thing exclusively isn’t much useful in Competitive Programming but is really useful while you are making some projects.

It saves you from typing tons of code yourself.

Hope you like it.

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