Dynamic programming

I think dynamic programming is a little hard!

Do you have any suggestion for me to improve my dynamic programming?
Any methods or problems, etc.


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Hello erfaniaa,

Well, the method is extremely well-explained on the worldwide famous CLRS book: “Introduction to Algorithms” and it presents some examples… :slight_smile:

Regarding problems, the minimum sum path on a graph, is a perfect way to start and it’s actually how I managed to start understanding this method a little bit better… Although I still struggle with it sometimes, but that’s why we are here for… to learn :smiley:


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Tutorials on TopCoder are pretty good and understandable.

Dynamic Programming: From novice to advanced

As suggested, you can read the chapter on DP from the book Introduction to Algorithms by Cormen.

Solve problems!! The key thing for mastering DP is practice.
You can practice on sites such as SPOJ and TopCoder.
Here is a list of problems you can try.

SPOJ - Dynamic Programming Problems List

TopCoder - Dynamic Programming Problems


Really helpful.
Thank you guys. :wink: