Dynamic programming problems with bitmasking

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Please suggest some DP problems that involve bitmasking in the increasing order of difficulty level on any online judge.



One (EASY)

Two (Medium+)

Three (Hard)

Four (Hard)

Five (Easy, Can be solved without Bitmask)

Six (Easy)

Seven (Easy, Can be solved without Bitmask)

Eight (I dint solve this, Not sure but seeming so)

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And try THIS

There is also MARCHA1 (Easy), it has a very nice tutorial about bitmask but can be solved without it

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@anudeep2011:Thanks for the problems. I was trying the problem COURIER on SPOJ.
I am getting WA for this problem. My approach is :
I have used the matrix dp[mask][i] which denotes the shortest distance when request “i” is delivered last among all the requests whose bit is set in “mask”. I have stored all the requests in array src[] and dest[]. Array src[] denotes the source city of request and dest[] denotes the destination city of that request. So if the request is 1 2 2 then these are two requests and are stored individually in the array.Finally, Floyd-Warshall is used to calculate the shortest distance between two cities.
You can find my code here.

It would be very helpful if you could point out where I am wrong.

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Test case :

5 5 3
1 2 10
3 2 13
1 5 3
5 4 2
4 3 1
1 2 1

Expected : 29 ( 6 + 10 + 13 )

Let me know if you need my solution!

Edit : Mistake is in Floyd-Warshall

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@anudeep2011 Thanks a lot. I have got AC now :).Indeed mistake was in calculating Floyd-Warshall.

im using dp+bitmask for solving the problem http://www.spoj.com/problems/HELPBOB/ . my complexity is O(N*2^N) which seems fine for n=15(max).but im getting tle. please suggest what could be wrong with my code here’s the link http://ideone.com/KwQC2f

@sourabh912 @anudeep how to solve this problem i am new to DP with bitmasking please help me to solve this problem http://www.spoj.com/problems/COURIER/

@sourabh912 i saw your solution at ideone.com can u expain it i am unable to understand your logic … :frowning:

Can someone tell me the better editorial of DP+bitmasking?.. I am trying to understand but still could not get the way~…