dynamic programming for TSP

Hi I interest in the algorithm for standard TSP in O(n^2*2^n) solution using dynamic programming, but i don’t find nothing really serious.Please if somebody gime a link to a explanation of this algorithm.Thanks

I assume that TSP stands for Traveling Salesman Problem. I didn’t understand the complexicity you are looking for. Is it




but in fact it doesn’t really matter, both this numbers are greater than n^n and this is greater than n!, and n! is number of permutation, so you can check all possibilities and it will be quicker.

Man n! is check all possibilities in TSP, of course this is essential, but exist an algorithm named Held–Karp algorithm that solves the problem in time O(n^2*2^n).I need real documentation about this.

You can see that single character can be important, there was O(n^22^n) in your original post (propabably because star was removed by the forum)