Drop in Ratings after lunchtime or cookoffs

Why does my rating drop by a few points after participating in a cookoff or lunchtime,even after solving one question.

I participated in February long challenge,got 420 points and my overall rating bumped to 1775.
After participating in Lunchtime 2017,and solving the first question, it fell by 82 points.


dear it depends on your rank and the time at which u solve the question.

if other people who are in your rating range are competing with you, and they solve the question at better time

than urs or get a greater rank !! then definitely their rating will be increased and yours will be decreased so

that they can move up in all time rank lists !!

I hope u got what i want to say !!!..

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Its because once you’re at 1775, you’re expected to perform better than people behind you. Its like relative grading, you need to “maintain” that position! In short, it was expected that you’d do better than what you performed. Try to do better next time dear!

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@vijju123 thanks.got it.

The rating is completely dependent on your rank in the contest. Since CodeChef now has a new rating system, you can read about it here